Meet JC

The Man Behind the Beard and Under the Barbell

I have been involved in lifting weights in some capacity since I was 14 years old. My main goal was only to LGN. Looking Good Naked is what I strive for. I found a love for lifting weights and how it improved my confidence. Us short, vertically challenged guys, are prone to having confidence issues when staring up at our taller brethren. Then about the age of 17, I found that growing a beard shot my LGN level up 1000%! Long and gruff or short and trimmed, does not matter. Bearded is bearded.

I wanted to share all the benefits that I was receiving, so I started this brand for the fitness community. I am a big fan of Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting but in reality, anything that gets me up and moving works for me (chasing after my wife and child are good examples). I have done several "Mud Races" both for fun and competitive as well as Crossfit Competitions. What they all have in common, besides my small stature, is that I rock my beard through it all.


A beard is not a fad. It's not fashion. It's a lifestyle. Lift more, burn more, grow a beastly beard. Always try to LGN and be excellent to each other.