Beard and Gear

Check out Honest Amish for all your beard care needs.Their shop is located in a small town in Western, Pennsylvania. They make everything by hand and all of their items are made from scratch from original recipes. They carefully craft the highest quality handmade soaps, beard balms & waxes, salves, lip balms, licorice, and products using only 100% natural, organic and sustainable ingredients. 


At Bearded and Buff, we are also a big fan of the Vintage Gentleman."The Vintage Gentlemen” brand, one of the fastest growing brands for men in the social media world, was created to share a way of life that dates back for centuries. It seems the average modern man has lost touch with the interests and values that gentlemen possessed in the past. Their goal is to help cultivate gentlemen that can learn to slow down in this fast-paced life and enjoy culture, travel, drink, manly accessories, fashion, chivalry, investing, business, adventure, and craftsmanship to name a few.